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My Latest Book

Out of This World Ideas

Inventors get their inspiration from any number of sources. You can find many books and articles that tell the stories of how various inventions came to be created. But one possible source of inspiration is hardly ever encountered in these stories.

Have you ever heard anyone claim that a particular invention was inspired by a work of science fiction? Or have you ever thought so yourself?

Did a novel by Frank Herbert inspire a British engineer to come up with an invention to solve a problem created by the Suez Crisis in 1956? 

Did a story about alien contact in the time of the dinosaurs inspire a Russian engineer to develop a new type of holography?

To find the answers to these and other questions, you must read Out of This World Ideas!!! Available from Amazon as a paperback or for the Kindle. Just click on the link below.

The price of the paperback has been reduced from $17.99 to $14.99!!!!!

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