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My First Book

The Great Heinlein Mystery

This book is the result of my years of research into Heinlein's claim that a device in one of his stories had an effect on World War 2 naval technology.

The Great Heinlein Mystery is available in print and as an e-book for the Kindle from Amazon. 

To purchase either the print or Kindle version from Amazon, click on the link below. 


So in Wysocki’s heroic (if not obsessional) quest for the secret of the wonderful titular invention, which was held as a secured secret by Heinlein even to his death and beyond, he delves into naval and related technological history; tracks down as many of Heinlein’s classmates as remain alive; seeks documents from official archives (and is predictably given the runaround); writes his investigation up for the Naval journal Shipmate after scouring the collection of back issues held in the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Nimitz Library at the Naval Academy; and requests instruction by informed readers. None of this provided any definitive clues. Even Robert’s widow Ginny, whom Wysocki interviewed, could add nothing. . . .Whether or not readers find his arguments ultimately convincing, let alone worth pursuing at this length and in such fine-grained detail (although I hope nobody goes to this amount of effort in tracking van Vogt’s “sevagram,” say), Dr. Wysocki has produced a complex and strange pudding. Bon appétit!

Damien Broderick

The New York Review of Science Fiction

The story is fascinating from beginning to end. After listing all possible alternatives from Heinlein's stories, Wysocki analyzes naval technology of the time, providing a look at the details of radio and radar engineering that so engrossed SF readers and writers of the period. Along the way, we meet other SF writers, and learn, for example, what L. Sprague de Camp had to do with the evolution of the space suit. . . . When Wysocki reveals his answer (for which he presents good arguments), one feels a vague sense of letdown--not because of the answer, but because the book is over.

Don Sakers

The Reference Library

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

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