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The Great Heinlein Mystery

Page 121: I had said that L. Sprague de Camp should be considered the most knowledgeable science fiction author concerning inventions and patents. It was pointed out to me by Damien Broderick that I failed to consider the author Charles Harness (1915-2005), who had been a patent attorney.

Page 250: In the note for page 17 that refers to the Scoles letter, the file should be ANNA201a-09, not ANNA210a-09.

Page 264: In the listing of files from the Heinlein Archives, the first one should be ANNA201a-09, not CORR201a-09.

Page 269: The end of the address for Swanwick’s essay should obviously be future.html, not future/html.


Page 6: "I have already been said" should be "I have already said"

Page 8: In the sentence beginning "In Chapter 3, I only commented," it should say Chapter 4.

Page 14: "Neither of the science fiction magazines were" should be "Neither of the science fiction magazines was" 

Page 22: "for Secretary of Gernsback Publications" should be "former Secretary of Gernsback Publications"

Page 27: I incorrectly stated that, other than Astounding, Stirring Science Stories was the only magazine that went from pulp to bedsheet size. Unknown Worlds went to bedsheet starting with its October 1941 issue. I did correctly discuss on pages 29 and 30 the return of Unknown Worlds to pulp size.

Page 39: In the biography for Cleve Cartmill, I said that "Deadline" appeared in the March 1943 Astounding. The correct date is March 1944. The date should be correct elsewhere in the book.

Page 85: "Others are no so obvious, such the proper" should be "Others are not so obvious, such as the proper" 

Page 99: "question is how the get the" should be "question is how to get the"

Page 118: "the tools by which he carried of" should be "the tools by which he carried out"

Page 125: "radium shoot neutrons into this mass" should be "radium shoots neutrons into this mass"

Page 135: "formation a committee" should be "formation of a committee"

Page 193: "the various suggestions a proper" should be "the various suggestions into a proper"

In Chapter 2 "The Authors" I discussed Malcolm Jameson and his Bullard stories. I stated that one story "Slacker's Paradise" that had been identified as part of the Bullard series did not appear in the published collection of the stories. This was true for the ebook published by Spellcaster E Books. It does, however, appear in the ebook collection published by Thunderchild Publishing. 

In the Bibliography, under Books, "Chapedlaine" should be "Chapdelaine".


In Chapter 7, I list mentions of the waterbed in the works of Robert Heinlein. I listed 6 quotes for STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND. In the Notes section, the note for one quote is missing. It is for the fifth quote, which begins "He went to a hydraulic bed . . . ." This quote may be found on page 50 of STRANGER.

Page 11: "The 'tri' part of name" should be "The 'tri' part of the name"

Page 69: "The second approach was change" should be "The second approach was to change"

Page 135: "In 1987, he formed Tethers Unlimited" should be "In 1994, he formed Tethers Unlimited"

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