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FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Most books on the subject of inventions totally ignore the possibility of any being inspired by a work of science fiction. On the other hand, you can find in print and online many claims that that certain inventions were so inspired. But how many of these claims can you believe?

Was a type of holography inspired by a story that involved the discovery of an alien artifact from the time of the dinosaurs?

Was the system developed by the Navy during World War II to manage combat information inspired by a story of massive battles in space? 

I present the answers to these and similar questions in Out of This World Ideas: And the Inventions They Inspired.

On February 11, to commemorate National Inventors Day, you will be able to download the Kindle edition of my book on Amazon, FREE OF CHARGE!!!!

Once you have read it it, please consider posting a review on Amazon (and possibly elsewhere).

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