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My Articles in Analog

"Making Waves: The Inventions of John W. Campbell"


Co-authored with Alec Nevala-Lee.


January / February 2020


Two approaches by John W. Campbell to the problem of generating arbitrary waveforms.

"Just the Facts: How Articles Came to Astounding"

November / December 2020

A look at how fact articles were introduced into Astounding and what type of articles appeared in Astounding and Analog when John W. Campbell was editor.

"A Solid Prediction"

May / June 2021

Presents the details of a story by Malcolm Jameson that appeared in the October 1944 Astounding that may be the earliest description of a type of 3-D printing.

"Taming the Serpent"

July / August 2021

Shows that a device presented in a novel by Frank Herbert that was serialized in Astounding was the inspiration for an invention by a British engineer.

"Another 'Deadline'?"

July / August 2022

Relates the details of "Deadline," the 1944 story that created a security problem during World War II, and points to another story that could have caused a similar problem.

"A Very Useful Exoplanet"

September / October 2022

A 1943 article in Astounding about the discovery of an exoplanet was followed 10 years later by a novel and another article that described the science behind the story.

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