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Speculative Fiction Cantina

It may be a bit of a late announcement, but I will be appearing tonight on the Speculative Fiction Cantina on the Writestream Radio Network. For more information, use the following link:

My Book

My book,An ASTOUNDING War, came from my interest in both science fiction and naval and military history. I was able to find what I considered interesting facts and historical details here and there on the Internet and in a large number of books, but there was not one book that put it all together. Although I did not discover it until after my book was published, there is a quote by Toni Morrison that describes the situation perfectly:

If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Price Reduced

The price on Amazon of my book An ASTOUNDING War has been reduced from $24.95 to just $21.95.

Science Fiction and Inventions

You can look on the Internet or at various books that consider the connection between science fiction and inventions. What you see tries to show that a particular invention or discovery was inspired by a work of science fiction. I can only say that many of these claims are questionable. But what about looking in the opposite direction, at works of science fiction that contain some new invention or discovery?Take a look at the home page of my website to see what I mean.

New Event in March

For those of you who usually just check my Blog, please take a look at Events.

Event Sales

No large crowds at the Book Fair, but I did manage to sell some books.

Delay in publishing

My new book, An ASTOUNDING War, will not be out until early in 2015.

Bill Patterson

I just learned this morning of the death of Bill Patterson. See my home page for my comments.


I have done some radio interviews. The primary topic of each was, of course,The Great Heinlein Mystery, but I also discussed Heinlein and science fiction in general. I would be interested in doing additional interviews, for either broadcast radio or the Internet. One must either employ a "shotgun" approach with material being sent to many radio stations in the hope that some few might respond, or to individually contact what appear to be likely talk shows. In the second case, I am limited by what information appears on the Internet.

Something to consider

With an obvious nod to Clarke's Third Law, please consider the following, which I now propose:
Any civilization with sufficiently advanced technology also has Science Fiction.
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