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Advertising Using Masks
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The present situation
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Advertising Using Masks

Since we are all going to be stuck wearing masks for the foreseeable future, it seems logical to make use of the mask to do some advertising. There are many places where you can buy masks with a custom imprint.

Here you see me with a mask with the title of my most recent book, Out of This World Ideas.

I only got these masks the beginning of this week. So I have been wearing them for only a few days. I would have expected someone to ask me what it meant.  So far, that hasn't happened.

Kindle Prices

I have just removed the discount from the prices of the Kindle versions of my books that had been in effect during April and May. The prices are restored to $7.99 for The Great Heinlein Mystery and An ASTOUNDING WAR and $6.99 for Out of This World Ideas.


The reduction in the price of the Kindle versions of my books, as originally posted on April 4, has been extended to May 31!!

The present situation

I am not in quarantine, only following a Stay At Home order. But I thought that this one would bring a smile.


Take a look at my Home page. For a period of time, I have reduced the price for the Kindle version of each of my 3 books.


Please check the Interviews page of my website for the information on how to access my latest interview.


On February 11, which is National Inventor's Day in the United States, I made it possible for anyone to download free of charge the Kindle version of Out of This World Ideas, my most recent book. In spite of my efforts to bring this to the attention of as many people as possible, the number of downloads was disappointingly small. Obviously, people don't like it when they can get something for nothing.


NATIONAL INVENTOR’S DAYis celebrated in the United States on February 11.

Is it true, as many have claimed, that certain inventions have been inspired by science fiction? Many articles and books that make such claims fail to present sufficient evidence to support the claim or present evidence of prediction rather than inspiration.

In my book,Out of This World Ideas: And the Inventions They Inspired, I look at a number of cases where inspiration by science fiction has been claimed. I have tried to present sufficient evidence to either confirm or refute each claim.

Author Page

I FINALLY got around to creating an Author Page on Amazon.

If anyone is interested, here is the link:

Analog Anniversary Issue

Doesn't anyone out there read Analog Science Fiction and Fact? Has no one read the article that I co-authored that is in the January / February 2020 issue?

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