Science Fiction and its Connections with the "Real World"

I would like to tell you about my two books. The first is The Great Heinlein Mystery: Science Fiction, Innovation and Naval Technology, which was published in July 2012. The book was inspired by certain comments made by Robert Heinlein. He claimed that in one of his early stories, he had a purely fictional device that served as the inspiration for a real system used by the U.S. Navy during World War II. Unfortunately, Heinlein never gave any of the details - the story, the Naval Academy classmate who developed the system, the story device, or the naval system. For many years, I did research into the mystery of this device. This book is available in print from Amazon. It is also available as an ebook - both for the Kindle from Amazon and for the Nook from Barnes & Noble. The list price of the print version was $24.95, but on the occasion of the release of my new book, the list price was lowered to $19.95.

Now we come to my new book, An ASTOUNDING War: Science Fiction and World War II. The focus of the book is the magazine Astounding Science-Fiction. My original plan was to release the book in the fall of 2014, but certain matters prevented me from making any progress on the book for five months. I was final able to complete the book and it was released on April 16. It is currently available only in print from Amazon, but my intent is to bring it out as an ebook at some future date.

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