BOOKS: Current and Future

To those who are first-time visitors to this website, I would like to draw your attention to my book The Great Heinlein Mystery: Science Fiction, Innovation and Naval Technology. The book was inspired by certain comments made by Robert Heinlein. He claimed that in one of his early stories, he had a purely fictional device. One of his Naval Academy classmates then took the concept of the device and converted it into a real system used by the U.S. Navy during World War II. Unfortunately, Heinlein never gave any of the details - story, classmate, device, or naval system. For many years, I did research into the mystery of this device. I finally published the results of my research in July 2012. The book is available in print from Amazon. It is also available as an ebook - both for the Kindle from Amazon and for the Nook from Barnes & Noble.

Since the publication of The Great Heinlein Mystery, I have been working on another book. The planned title is An ASTOUNDING War. In it I examine science fiction during the World War II era. My original plan was to have it out by mid-September. Unfortunately, there has been a delay. 


The schedule for the new book, as with many schedules, has slipped to the right. My new target date, which I am making every effort to meet, is now MAY 1. I will contnue to post updates as the target date approaches.


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