Did Science Fiction Contribute To Victory in World War II?

 “Red lights are fleets already in motion . . . Greens are fleets still at their bases. Ambers are the planets the greens took off from – connected, you see, by Ryerson string-lights. The white star is us, the Directrix. That violet cross way over there is Jalte’s planet, our first objective. The pink comets are our free planets, their tails showing their intrinsic velocities. Being so slow, they had to start long ago. The purple circle is the negasphere. It’s on its way, too.”– 
Description of the display of space fleet movements in the “tank” in “Gray Lensman.”

Did the stories of E. E. “Doc” Smith in Astounding Science-Fiction inspire the development of the Combat Information Center (CIC) , as shown in the photograph? For the answer to this and other questions about the connections between Science Fiction and World War II, read

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